26 Sep
September 26, 2018
Alan Blanco
Sea Vee Boats - 270Z

Sea Vee Boats started in 1974 as a simple boat building business, originally created by Captain Don McGee.  He built a strong foundation for the company by offering completely customizable, as well as, great performing center console boats to the public.  In 1993, Ariel Pared puchased a boat from Capt. McGee and instantly fell in love with brand and business.  Since then, friends Ariel, Ralph and Moises teamed up to purchase the company, and have not stopped innovating since.  Sea Vee quickly made waves in the industry by introducing their first original design to the scene.  This new model was a 34' CC, which was an absolute monster at the time.  With a 10' beam, this boat led the pack into what we now see as common territory throughout the industry.  They continued to expand their size offerings to all size ranges and did not stop there.  Sea Vee introduced their patented Z line of twin stepped hulls and continue their push to remain in the forefront of semi-custom CC builders in the industry.

The 270Z was Sea Vee's take on a bay boat that could do much more than just cruise inshore areas.  This boat, which also includes their twin stepped design, is made to prove just as capable in the gulf stream as she is poling the flats.  The "Hybrid" style CC has really become a strong trend as of late, and a great option for a large demographic with specific offerings in their areas.  In our opinion, offshore boats are great for their intended purpose.  Flats boats are also great for theirs, but the Hybrid can do both well.  This boat is built for the man or woman that likes to do it all, and likes to do it in style and comfort.  The 270Z will treat you well whether fishing inshore, offshore or just enjoying a day at the sandbar with the family.  With the available options and the capability of this model, their is no stopping you no matter your agenda.  

Please enjoy a brief video from our friends at Denison Yachting, as well as some added information direct from SeaVeeBoats.com.






Go Beyond the Bay

At twenty-seven feet overall, the SeaVee 270Z bay boat is a stable fishing platform designed for large, exposed bays and coastal areas, as well as the occasional offshore excursion. A hull draft of only 15 inches allows the 270Z to access skinny water and glide along silently guided by a high thrust trolling motor. A twin stepped hull powered by single or twin outboards provides a grin inducing performance at any speed, in a wide range of conditions. Discover a bay boat with offshore DNA running through its veins.

Fishing First

The most important fishing feature on any bay boat is adequate deck space. And the 270Z offers plenty of it! Oversize bow and aft casting platforms are connected by wide gunwales that make walking from bow to stern safe and easy. Eliminating the space hogging splash well further enlarges the overall size of the aft platform – making it the largest currently available on any boat in this class.

Storage and live well space are also a key focus. An abundance of storage lockers, live wells and fish boxes make it easy to bring everything you need – every time! Rod lockers are large enough to accommodate fly rods up to 9 feet and the console holds up to 16 rods vertically.

The Ride that Glides

Just like her bigger SeaVee Z cousins, the 270Z’s cross ventilated, twin stepped, patent pending hull produces better speed, efficiency and handling characteristics than ordinary stepped hulls. Its multiple lifting bodies and unique hull geometry result in a fixed running trim angle, ensuring an optimum angle of attack regardless of speed or sea conditions.

Yet every boater knows it’s about more than just the numbers. Staying dry, a soft ride and predictable handling are just as important. That’s why we invite you to schedule a sea trialtoday and experience the 270Z for yourself.


Fish Boxes

Front and rear fish boxes offer plenty of storage space, and are insulated to keep your catch cold for days.


Rod Storage

The 270Z features two rod lockers, as well as vertical rod storage in the leaning post and on both sides of the console for up to 19 rods.


Power Pole

Install up to two 10’ power poles on either side of the transom for fast, easy and silent anchoring in shallow water.


Bait Wells

The 270Z features one standard bait well up front. An additional 2 wells can be added by converting the rear fish boxes.


Leaning Post

Featuring abundant storage for rods and gear, the leaning post is available with or without a cooler below.


Rear Seating

A large pop-up rear seat makes longer runs comfortable and days at the sandbar more fun.


The Power of Choice

When you’re building a SeaVee, the brand of motors you choose to hang is up to you. Power options for the 270Z Bay include single or twin engines, up to 450 hp. Motors are mounted on hydraulically operated jackplates with plenty of room for single or twin powered anchor poles. 300hp is sufficient to reach speeds around 50mph. Upgrading to 350hp elevates performance into the mid 50mph range.

Power Options
  • Single 300hp – Top Speed 53mph Range 340 nm
  • Single 350hp – Top Speed 57mph, Range 300 nm
  • Single 400hp – Top Speed 61mph, Range 300 nm
  • Top speed and range may vary significantly depending on sea conditions and load


A Modern Day Console

You spend a lot of time at the helm. That’s why we spent so much time focusing on the console. Besides the sheer size, you’ll notice almost immediately that ergonomics drove every aspect of the design process.

There’s lot of space to flush mount variety of electronics. A watertight compartment for cell phones and wallets is centrally located. The windshield is made of tempered glass. Accessory switches and the ignition are mounted on vertical surfaces to minimize water intrusion. And there’s a cup holder on either side of the console.

Up front, the console offers a built-in drink cooler and easy access to wiring and electronics installations. We think you’ll agree, this is what a console should be!



Information Source: SeaVeeBoats.com.  Please check out their website to learn more about the 270 model, as well as their full line of ultra high quality CC's.