29 Sep
September 29, 2018
Alan Blanco
Sea Hunt Boat - Ultra 275 SE

​When Father & Son team Vic & Bubba Roof started Sea Hunt Boat Company back in 1995, they had one goal in mind. Build an affordable boat that is best in its class. What started out as a modest one-room shop in a small plant outside of Columbia, South Carolina, has exploded into THE #1 selling boat in the country. Sea Hunt’s insatiable desire to lead the industry is widely recognized. Through innovation, design, and customer care, it’s no wonder that we have been the #1 selling saltwater boat for the past 12 years.

I always say that there is a boat out there for everyone.  Some like the flashy, colorful sport boats.  Some like bare bones fishing machines.  In each demographic of boat, there are also several levels within them.  The center console market is huge, and there is endless competition.  What Sea Hunt has done is exactly what the father and son team set out to do.  They built the absolute best boat in it's class, which remains affordable for what your getting.  They are a tremendous "bang for your buck", and that's what I tell everyone when they ask my opinion on this brand.

Sea Hunt builds upwards of 2,200 boats a year, and it's clear why.  When you step on one, you expect an unfathomable price tag, but you won't see it.  Their factory is a well oiled machine, cranking out 7 to 8 boats a day.  They have figured out how to be extremely efficient in their builds, while maintaining great quality.  The amount of QC checks they perform throughout the build process seem almost excessive, but thats the kind of thing they has earned them the position they're in today.

The new Ultra 275 SE is a beautiful model from this company.  The spec shown in the video below boasts a luxurious saddle interior that seems fit for a Mercedes.  Seating is plentiful all around this 27' assuring everyone of your friends or family will be comfortable while at cruise, or anchored up at the sandbar.  Check out more on this 275 Ultra below and let us know your thoughts on this new model by Sea Hunt Boats.


Ultra 275 SE






Approx. Dry Weight


Maximum HP



179 gal



Dead Rise

Transom: 21
Midship: 24
​Entry: 60

Port Side Bow Storage

172 quarts

Starboard Side Bow Storage

172 quarts

In-Floor Storage

200 quarts

Mezzanine Livewell

20 gal

 Fresh Water System

19 gal




The name says it all. The Ultra Series was created for families desiring the "Ultra" experience on the water! Sea Hunt delivers the most comfortable and functional center consoles in the industry with our Ultra Line. With its cushioned rear bench seating, and oversized bow area (complete with bow backrests and cup holders), it's easy to sit back and enjoy pleasure cruising and sandbar hopping. Rod Holders and Livewells instantly turn the Ultra into the most comfortable fishing boat on the water! Added standard features include: wrap around bolsters, bow cushions, color screen waterproof stereo, Yamaha Digital Command Link Gauges; and more! Can you really have comfort, fun, and fishing in one boat? With the Ultra Series, you can!

Enjoy this video walk through and sea trial from Plantation Boat Mart in the Florida Keys.





Find more on this model and the entire line up at SeaHuntBoats.com.