1 Oct
October 1, 2018
Alan Blanco
Bertram - 20 Sportsman Project

As many of you know, we have begun working on our "CCO Customs" sector of our brand.  The idea is to track down highly sought after classic hulls and restore them for a select few within our community.  We figured it would be a win for everyone involved and quite the fun project for us to roll out.

The idea is that we line up an available hull with her future owner.  From there, we provide the new owner with a quote, map out a game plan on exactly they want built, then the work begins.  We are starting next week with a 1973 Potter built 23' Sea Craft.  The entire process will be recorded, documented and shared for everyone to see.  We feel that besides being tons of fun to watch, this will provide the new owner with valuable documentation which will be beneficial if he/she ever decides to sell.  There's a difference between buying a "rebuilt" boat done in some guy's garage, which could be full of surprises.  Here, everyone will see exacty how well the work is performend, leaving no question of the quality.

With that being said, we have been blessed with finding one of the more rare Center Consoles floating around the world.  The 20' Bertram Sportsman only had 99 built, so who know how many actually still exist.  She was known to be one of the best performing CC's of her time, and considered a collectable by many.  The idea is to find the right buyer to really do justice to this gem.  We will not turn her into someone's bait boat, so we want to make that clear.  We would like to pay hommage to the brand and model how it should be done.  This boat will be done all new from the ground up and the goal is to turn her into a real showpiece.  A new paint, bracket, deck, console, cap and outboard are just a few things that will be added throughout the build.  Faux teak accents almost feel mandatory to really make this pop.  The owner will decide the rest to make this into their dream CC.

If you're interested in speaking about the possibility of being the one chosen for this rare project, please contact me direct at Alan@CenterConsolesOnly.net.  Feel free to call direct as well at 305-282-2680.


Here are images we came across online, but this isn't our boat, nor what we intend to create with ours.  This is just a reference so you can see a Bertram 20' Sportsman.  We will go above and beyond this to create a real Sportfish style classic work of art.



Thanks you to all for the continued support and we look forward to the lauch of "CCO Customs" next week.  Follow Center Consoles Only on YouTube to catch all the action there as well.

All the best,