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While exploring new opportunities, particularly in areas of perceived deficiency, we always ask "what can we do to make this better?" In the case of finance we knew that our service would be a major factor in the difference along with the phenomenal products we offer for both buyers and sellers. Whether a private seller, a dealer or a buyer, we promise to go above and beyond to make the deals as simple and quick for all parties involved.

Center Consoles Only allows us to market our boats professionally to a large audience that helps us generate a large amount of serious leads. Along with the serious marketing tool, they are now assisting our customers in finding the best boat loans suitable for them.

Richard Garcia
Owner - Boat Depot
Key Largo, FL


We built a boat for a customer who was quoted a 12% loan from several banks that he could not accept. After working with him for over a year, we reached out to CCO Finance and within a few days they had a 4.99% loan secured with close to no effort from me. They were great from start to finish!

Joshua Stoner
Owner - Stoner Boatworks


I would like to express my satisfaction with CCO Finance, especially Jimmy Velez. The process to buy my boat was really fast and easy. I am really thankful for the attention I had from him. He was really kind and I will recommend his services for sure. Thank you!

Orlando Marrero
New Owner
Grady White Canyon 306

Commonly Asked Questions

How much would my payment be?

In general, a boat payment should range between $6.50 - $7.50 per thousand dollars financed on a 20 year loan. That means that a $100,000 boat could cost you between $585 - $675 / month. This estimation assumes that the minimum 10% deposit is made on the boat bringing the total financed amount to $90,000. This example is based on a Tier One credit rating.

The boat I'm interested in costs $100,000.00


I want to pay over 20 years (240 months)


I want to put a 20% ($20,000.00) down payment

Down Payment (20%)


Total Financed


Monthly Payment


Bank approvals are primarily based not just on your FICO score. Other parameters such as high credit, Debt to Income ratio, Employment Stability and your Loan to Vessel Value (how much money you are looking to borrow versus what the bank thinks the vessel is worth, regardless of what you intend to pay for it) round out the most important things the bank considers when loaning on a boat.
Loans can be closed as quickly as a couple days, however, there are many factors that determine the exact time frame including items like the vessel make, model and year as well as the applicant's credit and whether or not the vessel requires an inspection.
YES! Boats can be refinanced to improve payments and / or re-power. The only thing to consider is that the total owed on the vessel has to be a minimum of $75,000 (Hull and Engines combined).
YES! We have teamed up with finance industry veteran Jimmy Velez and created CCO Finance to do just that! We work with 21 banks and use the leverage of our network to get the best rates available in today's marketplace as well as find financing for deals that are less than perfect. We can help individuals directly or provide a financing division for existing brokers and dealers alike.
YES! It is never too late to look over your deal. Often times we find that there are items on an existing loan that are cancelable that may actually save you money without refinancing and we would be happy to take a look and see how we can help at no charge.
There are eight tiers of credit and most deals in the Recreational space including Boats, RV's and Airplanes lend to folks in the Tier One to Tier three range. This differs slightly from the auto market that loans all the way up Tier Five.
CCO Finance can act as your finance division and handle financing transactions from initiation to close. We also have excellent programs that helps get customers of most credit tier qualifications approved for their dream boat getting your deal closed and funded in as little as two to three days!

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